Deep Pore Dermabrasion Facial









What Is It?

Is a clinical-grade facial that focuses on decongesting pores from debris accumulated over time

•Safely exfoliates dead cells

•provides a soft, youthful and radiant glow




•First, A galvanic treatment is used to help dissolve debris.













•Then, steam helps to dissolve all the accumulated material inside the pores followed by a vortex technology that removes all the debris. Similar to a microdermabrasion machine, but instead of abrasive tips we use a smooth tip and steam to remove all the dead cells layer. 















What To Expect:


•Cleaner congested pores

• Removes black heads and whiteheads.

•Safely removes dead cells

•Provide instant glow the skin without irritation

•Stimulates circulation

•Enhances cell regeneration

•Removes/controls bacteria that causes acne

•Enhances the action of your skin care products

•Treats many common skincare concerns; such as acne, pigmentation, and premature aging

Non- invasive & No downtime.







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Skin Evaluation: We evaluate the skin's condition based on 7 different aspects: tone, color, age, current home care, daily activities, current skin issues, and aging prevention.
Based on this evaluation your therapist designs a program that includes a customized home care regimen and office program.
The customized home care program designs 4 unique travel size products for your skin and your lifestyle



1 Hour Session (Includes Skincare evaluation and home care assessment) 

30 min Session

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